Worst Showing Offenses

You may think it would be common sense, but when it comes to how a house is presented to sellers, some people make errors that could be quite costly.

REALTOR® Magazine asked for responses from realtors about things they’ve seen when showing homes.  Of more than 50 responses they found these ones to be the most common.  If your home is listed, try not to repeat these, or you could send potential buyers running to the next listing.

Here are the most common responses from buyer’s agents when asked about the worst mistakes they see when presenting for-sale homes to clients:

1. Leftover home owners

Home owners still lingering around when agents arrived to show the home can be a problem.  Realtors discussed encounters ranging from buyers finding sellers taking a shower, asleep in the bed, to even the “stalker sellers” who liked to follow buyers and the agent all over the home to see what they thought.

2. Pets and their messes

Agents also cited the not-so-friendly dog and cat encounters as a top offense. Even pets left in a crate can pose a distraction since they might make noise the entire time people are in the house. Also, if the pet seems mean, the buyer might not even step in the room.

3. Bad smells

A bad smell can be a major turn off.  Some common offenses are cooking smells, pet smells or cigarette smells.  The owner of the house may not even be aware of some of the scents, as they get used to them.  Sellers may want to consider asking a close friend to come over and let them know if there’s a smell they’re not aware of.  Take the odor seriously.  The carpet may need to be cleaned or even replaced.

4. Critters running wild

Whether it’s wild animals, bugs or a strange pet, any of the above could send buyers out the door.  Make sure to clean the home of bugs and critters and get an exterminator if need be.  If you have a strange, wild, pet, you may want to have them stay with a friend while the home is on the market.

5. Odd home makeovers

Everyone’s seen them.  Bad paint jobs, or strange “improvements.”  If it’s not done right, it’s not going to add any value to the home, and can actually do the opposite. Hire a professional to fix “do it yourselfers gone wrong” the right way.

6. Dirt and clutter

You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but when a home is being shown, it needs to be clean.  Realtors cited offenses from dirty laundry piles, unflushed toilets, dishes on the counter or in the sink, unmade beds, clothes scattered about, soiled carpets, dirty air conditioner filters, and overflowing trash cans.

7. Personal information in plain sight

Sellers should be careful not to leave in plain sight important documents that may pique buyers’ curiosity. Some agents say they’ve seen personal information like bank and credit card statements—even mortgage payoff notices—left on the kitchen counter.

8. Too dark

Sellers need to make sure they show their home in the best light.  Open the blinds.  Turn on the lights.  You want to make sure the home is warm and inviting, not dark and dreary.  The agent showing the home may want to arrive early to turn on all the lights.

9. Distracting photos

We’ve all seen some examples of this.  Strange family photos, or distracting paintings that are unusual or possibly even inappropriate.  When selling your home, try to look at it from an outsiders perspective.   You don’t want anything too personal to be on display.


Source – Realtor.com

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