What makes an established home more desirable than a new construction?

Selling Your Home? What makes your established home more appealing than a newly constructed home?

There are many benefits to purchasing a home that has a few years under its belt. What are some of those benefits? For one, it likely has additionally square feet that won’t be as pricey as a new home. Another likely benefit, previously lived in homes are in more established neighborhoods with mature lawns, larger trees, gorgeous flowers and homes nearby that have the same. Also, they’re often closer to conveniences like shopping, medical and entertainment. That Uber rightg from a night on the town will be a lot less expensive! Looking to the inside of the home, an older home will have all those extras already inside, like extra shelving in the pantry, blinds, curtains and all those little conveniences.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, what do you need to do to help your home compete with a new construction home? Go ahead and make those small improvements.  Fix that gate, touch up paint, get a new doormat. If the carpets are a little older, replace them. It will go a long way. Clean up the yard. Make sure that those established plants and trees look good and aren’t overgrown. When it comes to showing the home, declutter as much as you can. You want people to envision themselves living in your home… not checking out all your nick nacks and collection of family photos.

Of course, if you’re thinking of listing your home or looking for a new one, a great real estate agent is key. We’d love to help you out when you’re ready. If you just like looking, you can always check out our current listings at D4Realty.com.