We Remember – A Message from Lloyd

Eleven years ago today, the world as we knew it changed forever. Countless lives were lost in New York as planes hit the Twin Towers, in Washington as the plane hit the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania as those courageous men and women bravely fought back and saved us from much more destruction and loss of life in Washington. I have served on the mission field in Nicaragua with several of the first responders from New York – policemen and firemen. They told many stories of losing friends and family members that day. What a tragic loss of life. The city of New York and the people of the United States are fortunate and blessed to have men and women who are so dedicated to serve and protect each of us.

The New Towers in NYC

Today, as we look back, let’s remember that day and what occurred. Let’s remember the families who are still dealing with the loss of a husband, father, wife, mother, child, family member and friend. Let’s pray for the peace and comfort that only God can give them. Let’s thank the Lord that since that day we have not had another terrorist attack on American soil of an immense magnitude. Let’s pray for wisdom for our leaders as they continue to fight the cowards who plot additional attacks against the United States.

Thank God that we live in United States with the freedoms and blessings we have. Don’t ever forget that it is only through the Grace of God that we are Americans and continue to live in the greatest country the world has ever seen. Most importantly, remember that the freedom and blessings we enjoy came with a price. Thank God for the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for each of us.

God Bless America.

– Lloyd DeFoor


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