Vote Yes for T-SPLOST

A message from Lloyd DeFoor:

I want to address an issue that is important to those of us in Georgia. On July 31, we go to the polls to vote for the candidates of our choice and other issues. One of these is the T-SPLOST bill. Nobody wants a tax increase, especially now. However, I support the T-SPLOST tax. I am on the Georgia Association of Realtors’ RIAC (Realtors Issue Action Committee). For a year, I have been to statewide meetings discussing the pros and cons of the matter. The issue is very complex, and to the right you’ll find links and some of the facts about why Georgia Realtors are supporting T-SPLOST. One reason that is not listed is that the federal and state governments do not have the resources to improve transportation. The sales tax is the fairest tax I know. Everyone will pay their share and we will also receive money from outside our area and state. We hope to see you at the polls on July 31.

For more information on T-SPLOST and the positive effect it will have on our community, visit the links below:

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