Tips for Selling Waterfront

When it comes to selling a house on the water, it’s a little different then selling your typical 4 bedroom home in a suburb.   What advice do we have to share with you before you put your waterfront home on the market?

12ViewPrice it Right – Do this right from the start.  When you first put a home on the market, you typically see a spike and then things taper off. If it is priced right from the very beginning, this makes a huge impact on how quickly the home will sell. If it’s priced wrong, it will sit. We have over 30 yeaers experience in the Clarks Hill Lake area and can help you determine what your home should be listed for.

Some things we look at when determining the price of a waterfront home are, location, waterfront size, frontage and amenities.  We can also do comps, or even recommend someone to do an official appraisal.

Hire A Top Producing Real Estate Agent –  Don’t rely on the powers that be to sell your home.  Choose someone with waterfront experience.

Sell the Lifestyle – Consider staging the shoreline with chairs or umbrellas, or nice patio furniture on the deck.  People typically buy waterfront for the lifestyle as much as the home.   We can even offer water tours to approach the home from the lake side.

Quality Photos and Videos -High quality images are vital for selling waterfront homes. Make sure the photos show the home at its best, and if your home is furnished, make sure everything is set up and staged as nicely and neatly as possible when the photos are taken (and keep it that way for showings).

Know the Details – Make sure your agent knows the ins ad outs of the waterfront property.  In this area, that could mean HOA dues; is the property dockable? Where does the corp line go to? Will you need flood insurance? What’s the waste disposal system?

With the proper discussions and planning, selling your waterfront home can go quite smoothly.


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