Thurmond Lake Drought Meeting

Concerned about the low lake level? Now your voice can be heard. Come to the Corps of Engineers’ local drought meeting on October 24, 2012 from 4:30-8 p.m. at McCormick Middle School.

Similar to casting a vote, this is your chance to support Thurmond Lake, your views, and get some answers about the low lake levels and the future of the Thurmond Lake and your property. Your presence is essential. Below is a message from the Friends of the Savannah River Basin about what you can expect from this meeting:

We have received some additional details on the McCormick and Anderson Corps Workshops.  These meetings are being run by the Corps with the emphasis on the present drought.

We strongly encourage everyone to attend to show concern, ask questions, and to learn what is planned for the near future.

The McCormick meeting will be held October 24 at the McCormick Middle School, 6979 Hwy 28 South, McCormick, SC 29835.  Booths will be set up and manned from 4:30 to 8.

Presentations by Todd Hammel, National Weather Service Southeast River Forecast Center, and Colonel Jeffrey Hall, Commander of the Savannah River District, will be speaking at 5 and 6:30. There will be an opportunity to ask questions before and after each speaking session.  Members of the Savannah District Staff will be in attendance.

The Anderson Meeting is on October 25 at the Tri County Tech College Anderson Campus, 511 Michelin Blvd. Anderson, SC 29625.

WE NEED YOU to attend these Corps meetings!!  This is a great opportunity to get your questions and concerns addressed.

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