The Ladies Were Out in Harlem.


We had a great time at Ladies Night Out in Harlem.  Thank you to all of you who stopped by our Harlem office!  We were so excited that the event was a success and to have over 300 ladies attend.  Many of the downtown businesses opened their doors to the ladies and hosted with food and wine.  There were also vendors inside some of these locations and on the main street as well.


In our location, we had Christina’s Kitchen, where Christina DeFoor showcased some of her delicious cakes.  She featured her pound cake, wicked chocolate and red velvet.  We also had Christie DeFoor Photography in our office featuring a selection of images for your viewing pleasure.  You can find more on facebook here or at here website .

We’re so pleased that the weather was perfect, the event successful and well organized and that there’s discussion of doing something like this again.  It was great to have a reason to have a get together at DeFoor Realty on a gorgeous October evening in Harlem.

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