The Covid Impact and Looking to the Future

What a couple of months it has been.

In my wildest dreams I would not have imagined what has happened in our country and around the world. Business was great, and I will get into that a little later, and life was wonderful. What grandiose plans I had. I was going to Nashville for the SEC Men’s Basketball tournament. I was going to Jamaica on a site visit for a future GHO mission trip. I was going to help with the Augusta National Women’s Amateur at Champion’s Retreat. I was going to the Final Four in Atlanta and return home for the Masters Golf Tournament. My schedule was set and all the details worked out.  

All of a sudden we start hearing about this thing called the Coronavirus. People are getting sick in New York City and Washington State. People are dying from this. How quickly it spread from Washington and New York. Businesses, churches and practically everything else shut down. Lives are turned upside down. We went from the most prosperous time in our history to millions of people out of work and struggling to pay for food and the necessities of life.

The resolve and goodness of American people have shown through. We have done things that I would have thought nearly impossible. We have stayed home and most people have obeyed what our medical and government leaders have recommended. People are being extremely generous in helping others in our country that are struggling economically and physically as well as around the world.

I firmly believe that while God did not cause this, He can use this to awaken people that life can change in the blink of an eye. If we are putting our hopes in work, things and the government, we are in trouble. God will sustain us through this and He promises us He will never leave or forsake us and our Hope should be in HIM. 

DeFoor Realty has remained open every day. Real Estate was deemed to be an essential business. Obviously our business has been impacted. We lost several sales that were pending before the crisis began but business has remained fairly strong. December, January and February had been record months for us and March was a good month. April has been slower but we are still doing business. We are practicing the guidelines recommended with social distancing and using common sense in our approach to meeting people. People are wary about allowing people in their homes to see them. Closing attorneys are doing things differently. Buyers and sellers are not allowed in offices at the same time and realtors don’t go to closings or stay outside. That might be why closings are going so smoothly!!

I am an optimist and I think the real estate business in our area will remain strong, especially when the government allows businesses to open back up and movement at Ft. Gordon begins again.  I think we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are going to get better. I am excited about the future and what lies ahead. Stay positive and stay well. If we all use a little common sense we can learn from this crisis and be better prepared for the next one. There will be another crisis of some kind. It is how we respond that is important and what we learn from them. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you and stay safe. 

– Lloyd DeFoor