Selling in the Season. 7 Tips for Holiday Staging.

Staging Tips for Selling During the Holidays

If you have to sell during the holiday season, what should you do with all your Holiday decorations?  Do you put them all out?  Keep them all in a box?  The answer:  Find a happy medium.

While you don’t want potential buyers to be distracted by the enormous Santa on your roof, or the blow up snowman riding a surf board in your front yard, a few, tasteful decorations that compliment your home can help to add a warm and inviting holiday feel.   Just make sure that you avoid overly religious holiday decorations, as these could be potentially off-putting to buyers.

Try these tips to get buyers in the right spirit:

1.  Stage and Straighten up. 

As with selling a home at any time of year, your home should be staged and free of clutter.  If you are already close to bursting at the seams, do not add to the clutter by bringing out your Santa Stops here sign and all the stockings.

2.  Get Cozy. 

It is okay to create a little bit of a festive feel.  Just don’t get carried away.  A few subtle decorations can go a long way to making your home feel inviting.

3.  Complement your colors. 

Make sure your holiday collection compliments your decor.  If you have calm blue tones in your home, skip the bright red ornaments and opt for blue and silver balls on your tree instead.

4.   Accentuate the positive. 

The right accessories can draw attention to your home’s best features.  Dangle mistletoe in an arched doorway, but don’t block views by putting decorations in windows.

5.   Put Out the Lights.  Just a Few.

Keep it simple when it comes to holiday lighting.  Only do what is going to accentuate the architecture of your home.  Don’t let wires and bright lights distract potential buyers from the features that your home can offer.

6. Mind the tree. 

Make sure that your tree fits the space.  A beautiful, tall tree can help accentuate a vaulted ceiling, but that large tree in a small room can make it feel cramped.  If you have a small space, get a smaller tree this year.  Keep the ornaments simple this year too.  Remember, we want the people to focus on looking at your home, not what’s in it.

7.  De-clutter. 

As with selling your home at any time of year; you don’t want clutter.  Simple decorations can encourage a festive mood, but don’t be tempted to use all of your decorations this year.



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