Real Estate Photos Matter

It’s no secret that having great photos can make a difference when it comes to your listing.  This is especially important these days, as most people will look at your home online and make an instant decision on whether or not it’ll be on their list of favorite properties.  It’s all well and good if we tell you this is important, but it really hits home when we show you.  We’ve put together an example of a gorgeous house and a few photos to drive this point home.




Take this dining room as an example.  It’s nice, right?







But now, look at this photo, and it’s nicer! Now you can see the chandelier, the wet bar, the attention to detail with the hardwood floors and the trim.





Take another example with this bathroom.  It’s large and spacious.DL000355











Take a look at it when you get a better photo… Now, this bathroom pops and says, “come soak in this tub!”
















Here’s another example with this bedroom.  It looks nice here.




But in this photo, you really get a feel for the room.  The lighting and textures come to life and help draw and keep your attention (and hopefully lead to people viewing any ultimately buying the home!).





Another example for you with this basement.  Which one stands out to you?


















There are many aspects that go into photographing a home to its fullest potential.  There are a few things to consider before the photographer gets there, like cleaning and de-cluttering.  Then during and after the shoot, other things come into play like lighting, angles and editing.  The way your home is presented can make a world of difference.








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