Real Estate Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal. It is important when it comes to selling a house quickly and for a price that the seller is happy with. With so much of our search for a home starting at the computer, this is even more important. People will see the front shot of your home and judge it (sad, but true). You need to capture their interest before they even think about setting foot on your curb. So, what can you do to make sure your home has that curb appeal?

  1. Clean it up – This may seem obvious, but it fails to happen sometimes. Get rid of anything that could possibly be an eyesore. If you can’t part with it, put it in a storage shed. Old lawn furniture, garden equipment, toys, garbage bins. If you think it could possibly be a distraction, toss it (or store it). If you own a lot of cars that are blocking the road and the driveway, consider parking them elsewhere.
  2. Power Wash – Spray away the dirt and grime and reveal your homes true beauty. If you don’t own a power washer, these can be rented. Make sure you use them safely and follow directions. If a wash doesn’t do the trick, you may need to consider painting the house.
  3. Roll out the Welcome Mat – Make sure your front door makes a good impression. Get a new mat or perhaps a fresh coat of paint on the door. If the lock sticks, fix it. If the hardware is tarnished, replace it. Make sure this area is clean. We’ve come across homes in the past where the doorway is covered in cobwebs. This is not going to give the impression that you want.
  4. Love your Lawn – make sure your grass is mowed, the weeds are pulled, and the flowers are blooming. Keep your lawn watered and fertilized. If you don’t take care of the lawn, some potential buyers may question if you take care of the home.
  5. Trim it Up – In keeping with the lawn care, make sure that your bushes and trees are taken care of and trimmed. If they’re overgrown, it can distract from the beauty of the home.
  6. Add some color – Consider planting flowers. If you don’t have room for a garden, container gardens may be an option.
  7. Keep it Closed (the garage door) – Most people have some mess in their garage, so keep the door closed. This will make your home look neater from the outside.

Once you’ve gotten the potential buyers interest by getting them to your house, you want to keep it. So make sure that after the listing photos are taken, you keep up the good work and keep that house looking as inviting as possible.

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