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Lloyd DeFoor began working with John D. Eubank in 1973 to help him buy and sell small and large acreage tracts in the northern end of Columbia County and the surrounding area, leading to the official formation of DEW Land Development Company in 1977. By 1980, Lloyd realized that there was a demand for re-sales for the properties that they had originally sold to individuals and then formed what is now DeFoor Realty.

After the formation, Lloyd started selling and re-selling the residential properties in the Columbia County area, specializing in large and small acreage tracts with ponds, streams and other water features. He also was heavily involved in acreage tracts developments throughout the Augusta and surrounding areas. He became prolific at finding raw land and seeing the potential through timber harvesting, recreational management utilization and land sales.

In the mid 1990s, Lloyd gained the help of his oldest son, John DeFoor.  His other son, Jeff DeFoor, joined the team in 2008.  Now with extra hands, DeFoor Realty sought to become a big player in real estate sales along Clarks Hill Lake. They also started selling other residential property in the CSRA and formed DeFoor Construction in order build new homes. It wasn’t long before DeFoor Realty became one of the dominant players in real estate in the northern end of Columbia County, Lincoln County and other areas surrounding Clarks Hill Lake.

Today DeFoor Realty has expanded to many real estate professionals and specializes in property throughout the CSRA. Our concentrations include residential homes, acreage tracts, large recreational tracts and timber tracts, and we are still one of the dominant players in Clarks Hill Lake real estate.

Meet Our Agents

Lloyd DeFoor
(706) 825-9501

John DeFoor
Associate Broker
(706) 799-9558

Jeff DeFoor
Realtor, Investor and Consultant
(706) 836-2461

Christie DeFoor
Marketing Director, REALTOR
(706) 550-3309

Teresa McDaniel
Real Estate Coordinator
(706) 541-0637

BobbyHS2Bobby Culpepper
(706) 833-6622

Rich Poythress
(706) 830-3519

Sandy Butler
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Franklin Jones
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Brandy Chauvin
(904) 735-1984

Amanda Brewer
(706) 825-3994

untitled (13 of 18)Billie Black
(706) 319-7952

Cooper Cliatt
(706) 533-2217

Susan DeFoor
(706) 825-9502