Nicaragua Mission Trip – September 2013

Last month, Lloyd led a group of medical volunteers to Nicaragua to set up a medical clinic and to spread the word of the Lord. Below is a photo gallery as well as a few words from Lloyd about the success of the trip. If you would like to be added to the prayer warrior emails for his next mission trip, please email Susan at

Dear Prayer Warriors,

In our clinics we saw 750 medical patients, 188 dental patients, and 325 people in the eyeglass clinic.  We also dispensed 2225 prescriptions.  We had 21 people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior during our clinic times and a number of others during our time on the beach with the fishermen and women.  We were blessed to watch the people who had fished all night come in with their catch each morning.  Thursday morning, we went to them as fishers of men.  We had several choose to accept Jesus as their Savior and many other seeds were planted as we talked and prayed with them.  It was a great experience for our team.  We enjoyed an awesome week praising the Lord together and serving Him and His children.  Wes Gardner also led about 14 pastors in 3 sessions that were held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Wes did a great job talking to them about everything from preparing sermons to leading them in a joint session with their wives about marriage.  Susan, Mo, and Stephanie talked to the wives of the pastors about a number of topics.  All of the ladies loved these times together.  On Thursday night we had a dinner with the pastors and their spouses.  It is such a special time for them.  The vast, vast majority of them had never experienced anything like this before.  This meal may cost us $12.00 per person but it is wildly extravagant for them.  We gave the ladies gifts and the pastors Study Bibles.  I wish I could adequately convey to you how excited they were about receiving a Study Bible.  Most have never had any formal training and nearly all of them have other jobs.  Study Bibles are great tools for them as they lead their churches.

Our team also went on home visits each day.  Many people cannot make it to the clinic so we go to them.  It is wonderful for the sick of the community but it may even better for our team to see the conditions in which these people live.  It is always eye-opening for our team and they come back more appreciative of how God has blessed us with so much.  As Americans we should not feel guilty with what God has given us but we need to understand that with our worldly wealth comes responsibilities.  We also had children’s ministries with 60 to over 100 participating daily.  The children were extremely well behaved and learned so much about the love of Jesus.  As you can see we were busy.  God was truly glorified.  Each of you played a huge role in everything we did for the Lord.  We could have not come close to doing everything attempted for God without the prayers from each of you.  We as a team appreciate so much, your prayers.  God assembled another great team of people that loves Him and I was blessed to be a part of it.  You were a part of that team.  We had 14 team members from North America that ventured to Nicaragua.  We had about 15 members from Nicaragua and we had another 400 team members praying in North America.  We all make up God’s team.  Thanks for being a part of the team.



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