5 DIY Projects That Could Get You More Bang for Your Buck


If you’re selling your home, there are certain projects you can do yourself that can add thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value. Below are five simple home improvement projects you can do yourself that will attract more buyers and bigger bids once you put your home on the market.


  1. Increase Curb Appeal With Landscaping

Curb appeal is what draws potential home buyers in before they can see all your house has to offer. Real estate experts agree it is imperative that homeowners work on their house’s outdoor appearance before listing it. Luckily, there is plenty you can do yourself to increase your home’s charm and create interest. Painting your front door a cheerful color can make your house stand out from the rest. Plus a gallon of paint only costs about $30, and the project takes less than an afternoon to complete. If your driveway and walkways are looking a little grungy, consider renting a power washer to blast away dirt and grime for a fresh look. Flower boxes underneath your front-facing windows add color and life to your front yard when you don’t have the time or resources to do a complete garden overhaul. Finally, consider adding new mulch to your existing flower beds as an easy way to freshen your front yard.


  1. Appeal to More People With a New Paint Job

When you buy a house, it’s your prerogative to paint your walls whatever colors you like. However, when it’s time to sell that house, you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, and you may be surprised by how many people are turned off by paint colors. To avoid missing bids, it’s a good idea to paint over rooms with crowd-pleasing colors. Fortunately, painting is an easy DIY project that doesn’t cost much to complete. When picking colors, stick with neutrals or colors that are proven to appeal to people. A 2017 Zillow analysis found that certain shades in particular rooms can even add value.  


  1. Add Light Throughout the House

Adding light to your home can be as simple as opening curtains and cleaning skylights, but if your place is lacking in the windows department, it can’t hurt to install more light fixtures around the place. Track lighting in hallways is easy to install and a great way to highlight artwork hanging on the walls. Another appealing fixture is the classic chandelier. Consider adding one in unexpected places like above the bathtub for a hint of elegance.  


  1. The Big Clean

Moving is a great excuse to get rid of excess junk in your life. Not only will cleaning out these items make it easier to box stuff up and move to your new home, but having less clutter around the house will make your place more appealing to potential buyers. Even though it may sound like the easiest project on the list, it can definitely be the most time-consuming. Go through your house area by area. Avoid having a “Maybe” pile and get rid of anything that doesn’t have immediate use in your life.


  1. Tear Up Carpet and Reveal Those Hardwood Floors

For some reason, people in the 20th century got the idea in their heads that carpet was the ideal flooring. Underneath all that shag in your home may lie beautiful hardwood floors that don’t just look better, but are way easier to keep up as well. To make tearing up carpet easier, loosen the corners and then cut it into strips that you can peel away in pieces.


More Tips for Showing Your House

Once you’ve updated your home to make it more appealing, don’t negate that hard work by making easy-to-avoid mistakes when showing. Proper home-showing etiquette includes completing a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Consider hiring a professional house cleaner that can spot things you may miss. If you have pets, don’t forget to remove all evidence of your four-legged friends before potential buyers come in. If you can’t take your dog with you on days you’re showing your home, consider boarding him instead.


Certain DIY projects can help add to your home’s value so you get the best price possible when it is time to put it on the market. Increasing curb appeal, painting rooms appealing colors, adding light, reducing clutter, and tearing up old carpet are great ways to make sure you get plenty of offers on your house. Once you’ve prepared your home to appeal to buyers, don’t forget to practice proper home-selling etiquette by thoroughly cleaning each room and removing evidence of your pets. Do all of this, and your home won’t be on the market for long!


Article provided by Ray Flynn from DIYGuys.net.


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