Make Sure Your Property is Red Carpet Ready

There’s so much to consider when selling your home.  After you’ve made the decision to list, it’s time to make sure your home presents itself in the best light.  Here’s a list of  things you can do to help get you on the move.

  1.  Remove any accumulated clutter. Rent a storage unit if necessary.  Clutter can cost a sale.
  2.  Use a pressure washer and clean the outside of the house.
  3.  Buy a new welcome mat.
  4.  Open drapes and blinds to enlarge spaces.
  5.  Make any necessary repairs so potential buyers don’t have to add to their list of expenses.
  6.  Set the mood with lighting (when possible).  Not too dark or too light.
  7.  Go neutral with smells.
  8.  Make sure the temperature is right.  Not too hot or too cold.
  9.  Make sure surfaces shine.  From ceiling fans to baseboards.
  10.  Secure valuables and pets.
  11.  Have an exciting, impressive display table of marketing materials.  (We can take care of this.)

Of course, we will do our part to get your home seen and looked at by qualified potential buyers and work to get you the best price for your home.


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