Learn What to Look For in Your New Home Warranty Plan

When it comes to the financial responsibility of owning a home, unexpected repairs can be
a major risk. While a home warranty can help to mitigate these risks, choosing the right one
can be overwhelming. Here, DeFoor Realty presents some things you should know and
consider when shopping for a home warranty.

Evaluate Current Warranties
Before investing in a home warranty, it is important to understand what the
manufacturer’s warranty on items like HVAC systems, appliances, and water heaters cover.
Often, these warranties will include free repairs or replacements during the first year of
use. Many home warranties will not provide coverage for these items until this
manufacturer’s warranty expires. Be sure to evaluate your current warranties before
investing in a home warranty.

Choose the Coverage That Suits Your Needs
Home warranty providers offer different types of coverage, some of which will be more
useful to you than others, based on your home’s specific needs. And you’ll notice that the
home warranty cost varies depending on the type of coverage. For example, if you live in an
older home, coverage for older and more frequently used appliances and systems may be
more important than certain other coverage options. Take the time to evaluate your home
and determine which coverage you’ll need.

Explore Your Options
Home warranty companies offer different services, policies and deals. To make sure you
pick the right warranty, compare the coverage of the different companies in the market.
Compare their policies and rules and regulations so that you will understand the
company’s terms when you need it.

Read the Fine Print
Before investing in a home warranty, it’s important to read and understand the contract.
Some warranties will come with exclusions or limitations, and others may require certain
repairs be done by specific providers. Home warranties have varying levels of coverage.
Policyholders need to read and understand the extent of coverage offered before making a
final decision.

Get Add-on Coverage
Add-on coverage can be an important consideration when selecting a home warranty.
Some companies offer additional coverage options such as pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen
protection. These add-ons can be purchased at an additional cost but may be worth it if
they fit your specific circumstances.

Thoroughly Check the Coverage
It’s important to understand what exactly is included in your warranty. Coverage can vary
widely from company to company, and even from policy to policy. Some warranties may
cover only the essentials, while others may offer broad coverage that protects your HVAC

system, electrical faults, and water heaters. Make sure you know what’s included so that
you can make an informed decision.

Look for Discounts and Special Offers
Shopping around for the best deal is a good idea. Some home warranty companies offer
discounts if you purchase coverage for multiple years at once, or if you add additional
coverage types onto your policy. Ask questions and compare prices so that you can find the
most affordable warranty that fits your needs.

Digitize Home Warranty Paperwork
Digitizing home warranty documents ensures easy access, safe storage and quick retrieval
of information, leading to less paperwork and more organized record-keeping. Turning
home warranty documents into PDFs makes it easier to store and access the documents
digitally. Converting another file type into a PDF is made faster with a PDF file converter.
Go here for a free option that makes switching file types fast and easy.

Find the Right Warranty for Your Needs
When it comes to shopping for a home warranty, it’s important to do your research,
understand contracts, and know the coverage that suits your needs. Be sure to compare
different companies and look for discounts and special offers. Also, digitizing your home
warranty documents makes them easier to access and store. By following these steps, you
will be well on your way to picking a plan that gives you the coverage and security you
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