Flooding Concerns: Complete 180 from Last Year

Just 6 months ago, our area was suffering from severe drought with very little rainfall. Now, it seems we can’t go one day without a thunderstorm. Below is a collection of information for anyone concerned about flooding in the Thurmond Lake or Savannah River areas.

Reservoir Release Increase

Lake Hartwell's spillway test this morning

Only July 8, 2013, the Army Corps of Engineers began releasing more water from Thurmond Lake. The lake is currently only two feet below the max flood level – a far cry from where it was this time last year. While they already planned to release water during the spillway tests tomorrow, July 11, they decided to go ahead and release more water early in anticipation of more storms this week as well as Tropical Storm Chantal’s remnants that are prone to impact the area this weekend. The spillway gate tests scheduled for 1:30 p.m. tomorrow, July 11, are still on schedule.

For more information about the lake releases, see this article from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Flooding Concerns Along the Savannah River

Unfortunately, these releases from Thurmond Lake will continue to impact the Savannah River, whose waters are beginning to expand into homes and yards.

Savannah River Bluff & Dam

The Army Corps of Engineers is encouraging anyone living near the Savannah River to be alert and cautious when it comes to flood waters. Do not try to drive or walk across water rushing over roads. Kayaking and other boating activities are discouraged until flood waters recede to normal levels due to threats of increased current and debris. Parts of the Riverwalk, North Augusta Greeneway, and other riverfront areas may be flooded and dangerous.

For more information about how flooding may impact your area, see this article from The Augusta Chronicle.

Be safe out there!


– Kelly Ann Blanchard



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