DeFoor Newsletter – April

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Spring at DeFoor Realty

Spring has Sprung.  In Augusta, there are a few things you can count on each year.  Among them; this is the place to be for the best golf in the world at the Masters, everything is covered with pollen, and we’re getting in gear for fun at the lake.  Right now, Lake Thurmond is full and the fish are biting. Turkey hunting is in full swing and the azaleas and flowers are beautiful.

We’re excited to be moving into spring with a lot of activity in the real estate world. Our market is the best it has been in years. We are so fortunate to live in an area where Ft. Gordon is expanding quickly with Cyber Command.   Also Plant Vogte’s expansion with two new reactors is creating new jobs. We are getting more commercial growth with companies such as Cabelas and Gander Mountain moving to the area. As we continue to get new people moving to the area, we will see more commercial activity as well. As far as lake and land sales we have buyers that are still looking for deals but they are looking. Lake and land sales have been extremely slow since 2007 so it is great to have people looking to buy. We have been blessed to have had plenty of listings and we appreciate so much all of our sellers for being patient through the downturn. It has been frustrating for them and also for us. God has been faithful through this and we have learned some valuable life lessons the last six years. In the long run, we will all be better for the things we have learned.

Spring is bringing some changes at DeFoor Realty.  Jeff’s wife, Christie DeFoor, has started working with us.  She had been working at The Augusta Chronicle in their advertising department.  We’re excited to have her as part of the team. More importantly Christie is having a little girl in June. Real estate is important but not nearly as important as family.  We’re also working toward a healthier lifestyle these days.  We started our ‘Drop it with DeFoor’ weight loss contest this month.  The contest goes for three months and we’re hoping to work toward some permanent lifestyle changes and smaller waist lines by summer!  Hopefully we’ll have some great before and after photos to show off. I am not sure loss of weight is going to make me look better but there will be less of me to look bad. At my age we have to look at anything positive.

I just returned from Moldova with a Christian, medical mission team. Moldova is one of the former Soviet Union countries and is the poorest country in Europe.The people there live tough lives. I was fortunate to be able to share with the women of the village one night and the men the next night. I told them my heart broke for them and I would do anything to help them and their present condition in which they live. Unfortunately I could do nothing to help them financially. We could help them medically and with dental issues. We also gave them eyeglasses.One thing that I could give them was love and to let them know that people cared. More importantly I could give them hope for eternity through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Good Friday today and Easter Sunday, remember the Hope we have because of our relationship with Jesus who shed His blood for you and me. As important as we think real estate or whatever profession we practice is, or how important we think the things of the world are, nothing compares to the love Jesus showed for us on the cross. Have a happy and blessed Easter.

The DeFoor Realty family