Cycling Success on Thurmond Lake

© The US Army Corps of Engineers

The USA Cycling Time Trials stirred up quite a bit of activity around Thurmond Lake back in June. If you encountered the cyclists in your everyday activities and wondered what was going on, here is a little bit more about them.

For the second time in as many years, the National Time Trials cycling competition was held at Thurmond Dam, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Part of a contract that would last only two years, the competition was well attended and successful. Around 1000 athletes competed in the event, weaving a 30-kilometer course along Thurmond Lake, down the Georgia/South Carolina border and twice across the dam. The Augusta Sports Council hosted the event for the last two years and expressed that they hope that the good turnout will lead to another contract in the future.

Evan Huffman, of Elk Grove, Calif., completed the race in 36 minutes and 40 seconds, winning the men’s division and the national title. Amber Nebin, of Lake Forest, Calif., grabbed the number one spot for the female division, posting 39 minutes and 27 seconds. Times were reported by The Augusta Chronicle.

For more photos, visit the slideshow by the US Army Corps of Engineers as well as a slideshow put together by The Augusta Chronicle.

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