Complete Guide to Home Safety in 2020

We often think of our homes as places where we can let our guards down, but do you ever
wonder whether or not your home is really as safe as it could be? Maybe your concerns have
led you to consider switching to natural cleaning products or taking steps to purify your water
supply. If you want to keep everyone in your family safe at home this year, these tips will help
you create a healthier and more secure environment in your household.

Keep Your House Clean
Messes aren’t just a nuisance. A dirty home can actually harbor health hazards. Living with too
much clutter can cause anxiety and stress, not to mention the fact that having misplaced items
lying around could lead to dangerous falls for older members of your household. Plus, getting rid
of unwanted belongings will help you save time cleaning up in the future.

To create a safer environment at home, spend a weekend decluttering, installing helpful storage
, and deep cleaning. Turn to eco-friendly, DIY cleaning formulas rather than harsh
chemicals. For instance, Green Cleaning Reviews recommends fighting mold with a hydrogen
peroxide solution and using ingredients like apple cider vinegar and peppermint oil for their
antibacterial properties.

Water Filtration System
Is the water coming out of your tap safe for consumption? Depending on where you live, it may
contain harmful contaminants. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to set up a water filtration system
that will provide your household with purified drinking water at all times. You’ll be able to enjoy
portable filtered water for 1-4 people without worrying about health risks. Continue protecting
your household from bacteria and other contaminants with regular filter changes.

Lock Your Door
Would the lock on your door hold up to tampering? If you want to make sure that your front door
only opens for people who are welcome into your home, consider installing a smart lock. Select
SmartHome suggests choosing a smart lock that allows you to create customized access
codes. It’s also good to select a model that still allows for the use of a traditional key as a
backup. You could even consider purchasing a device that can be combined with a video

Secure Your Windows
Don’t forget to secure your windows, too! If you need new window locks, go ahead and install
them. For older windows, you may want to think about adding security pins. Finally, you can
place protective film over the glass. If you need to go further and replace your windows, hire a
contractor to get the job done.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting
Making sure that your property is well-lit is one of the simplest ways to keep your household
safe. Not only is this helpful if your children are playing outside in the evening and you want to
be able to see them clearly, it also acts as a deterrent for burglars. This is a budget-friendly
investment for household security.

Inaray suggests adding lighting to your front entrance, garage, patios, porches, and decks. If
you have a pool, it’s also important to make sure that the area is lit in the evenings. This will
prevent anyone from stumbling in because they couldn’t see where they were going.
Everyone wants to feel safe at home. But if you’re not proactive, the health and wellbeing of
your family may be at risk on your property. By taking steps to reduce exposure to harmful
chemicals and contaminants, ensuring that your windows and doors are tamper-proof, and even

turning to affordable security solutions like outdoor lighting, you can rest assured that your
family is safe and sound at home.