Things are changing in Columbia County as it continues to grow and prosper.  Building permits show that the county is growing at 3% per year.  That’s about 4,000 new people each year, and this number will likely increase with all the good things happening with Fort Gordon.  With this growth, comes changes.  Here are some tidbits of news from Columbia County that we thought would be useful.

– The extension of William Few Parkway to Hardy McManus Road is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

– The widening of Washington Road will start around the end of the year.  This project is under contract with right-of-way clearing, starting in early September.

– The bridge at Keg Creek in Columbia County is scheduled to be closed for new bridge construction beginning in early 2015.  All traffic coming east on Washington Road from Lincolnton and other locations will be re-routed to Ray Owens Road via several possible routes.

– Construction on Riverwatch Parkway is underway.  If you haven’t been that way in a while, it’s looking quite different.  New bridge construction is under way at the rail road tracks.

– The new BMX/Skate park project is nearing completion at Blanchard Woods Park.  It will be open by the end of the year.  The park will be bringing regional bike and skateboard competitors to Columbia County for open competition.

– Wildwood Park is continuing with upgrades.  A new playground, fish cleaning station, bathroom upgrades and boat ramp additions will be completed soon.

We’re excited about all the good things coming to our area and we hope Columbia County will continue to grow gracefully.

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