Augusta is 4th Best City to Live

Little, ole Augusta, Ga. is finally joining the ranks of other metropolises with its claim to fame last week. Top Ten Spot conducted a survey of the Top Ten Best Cities to Live In and Augusta is number four on the list, beating out other cities such as Seattle, Oklahoma City, San Diego and even Honolulu!

In conducting their study, Top Ten Spot focused on many different factors, including real estate market, income levels and job availability – all of which are important to families when considering relocation or a place to settle down. Here is what the Digital Journal had to say about Augusta’s fourth place position:

“Augusta, Georgia makes its number four position debut due to the fantastic location along the Savannah River and a hint of southern hospitality at its best. The tranquil setting provides a relatively low cost of living, and very inexpensive homes. This area maintains a very low stress job market; however, the relatively low costs makes Augusta a great retirement location.”

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