Anderson Farms

Reserve your spot in a beautiful new neighborhood coming to Columbia County. The first section at this wonderful location is under way.  Call DeFoor Realty with any questions about reserving your space, today. First Choice Home builders is working in the neighborhood to help you build the home of your dreams.

Anderson Farms is located on Louisville Road near the Columbia Road/ Louisville Road intersection.

Anderson Farms Lot Schedule
PHASE 1   
Lot No.Acres Sale Price 


41.68BellaUnder Contract 
61.93CharlotteUnder Contract 
71.89 Under Contract 
81.73 Under Contract 
91.64 Under Contract 
101.63 Under Contract 
111.63 SOLD 
121.64 SOLD 
131.24 Under Contract 
141.03 Hilton Plan Spec 
151.11Charlotte Spec Home 
161.43 Tipton Plan  Spec 
172.07TrentonUnder Contract 
182.8 Under Contract 
192.06 Under Contract 
221.34 Under Contract 
231.68 Under Contract 
251.61 Under Contract 
261.32 $81,000 
270.99 $81,000 
281.07 $81,000 
291.17 $81,000 
301.27 $81,000 
311.36 Under Contract 
321.39 Under Contract 
331.35 Under Contract 
342.28 SOLD 
351.89Trenton SOLD 
361.7Hilton Under Contract 
382.42 Under Contract 
392.46 Under Contract 
402.22Rachel*Spec Home 
412.34CharlotteUnder Contract 
422.85Sycamore*Spec Home 
433.04 Under Contract 

* Spec Homes being built by First Choice Home Builders

Phase 1 Neighborhood Layout


Phase 2 of Anderson Farms is now available. Phase two features several different homesite to suit many needs, from open fields to wooded and cul-de-sac options.

Phase 2 Neighborhood Layout

Anderson Farms Lot Schedule
  PHASE 2     
  Lot No.   Acres Model  Sale Price  
44 1.77   $79,000  


461.59 $79,000  
471.78Under Contract 
502.26Under Contract 
511.88 Under Contract 
522.25 $97,000 
532.09 $95,000 
542.22 $90,000 
551.33  $79,000  
561.38 $100,000 
571.73 $100,000 
581.22 $92,000 
591.85 $92,000  
601.78 $88,000 
625.76 $110,000 
634.31  Under Contract  
661.69 Under Contract 
671.80  $85,000  

43 thoughts on “Anderson Farms

  1. We’re interested in Lot 19. What builders are allowed to build in Anderson Farms? Please contact us ASAP reference Lot 19.

    James and Andretta Daniel

  2. Can First Choice customize a houseplan or do we have to use the houseplants advertised? Also will the power lines be put in the ground? Thanks.

  3. Will there be a school bus stop in the neighborhood? Also, is fiber-optic internet / cable available for the neighborhood? Is natural gas available in the neighborhood?

  4. Hello,
    I am interested in a plot and building. I wanted to know if I could get an idea on what a total cost estimate would be for a 2500 sq ft home.

    Thank you

    1. First Choice is building in the neighborhood and will work with you on the investment for the home.

  5. What does “spec home” mean under the price column? Have these plots already been purchased?

    1. It means that first choice is building a home they have. The will sell the home and the lot together at some point.

  6. We are interested, however saw that there would be an HOA. Would we be able to have outdoor animals on our property? Such as goats or chickens?

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