6 Reasons You Should Use a Realtor

If you’re like most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial decision you will make in your life. Yes, you could do it on your own… but you really shouldn’t. So, why use a Realtor?

  1. Expertise – Buying or selling a home requires a whole lot of forms, ,technical documents, real estate jargon, reports and more. Some transactions run into special situations which can cause an array of issues. It’s best to have someone on your side who understands and has been through all of this many times.
  2. Special Searching Power – It’s almost like a super power that comes with the license. Yes, you can look online and find listings. However, the listings on many sites are not up to date. Agents have access to the local MLS with the most up to date information. Not only that, but sometimes properties are available that your agent may know about that aren’t actively advertised. Don’t forget, your agent also is also equipped to know the ins and outs of every neighborhood.
  3. They have negotiating power – Often times, real estate transactions will involve negotiations. Do you want to deal with these? It’s better to have someone who’s been through these many times and is a savvy negotiator.
  4. They’re connected to everyone – Realtors make it their business to know the people involved in the home buying and selling process. Mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, home stagers, interior designers—the list goes on—and they’re all in your Realtor’s network. Use them.
  5. They adhere to a strict code of ethics – Realtors are held to a higher ethical standard than licensed agents and must adhere to a Code of Ethics.
  6. They do the heavy lifting – They drive around and check listings for you, do the comps, spend their own money marketing your home and sometimes are a bit like a councilor.

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*Source: Realtor.com