5 Ways to Increase Your Land Value


Do you have land to sell, but want to try and sell it faster? The good news is that according to experts, quality land can expect to slowly increase in value over time. The better news is that you can take steps to help increase that value now.

Improve Access

If your property has no access or poor access, the chances of it selling go way down. To gain deeded access you may have to reach an agreement with a nearby neighbor, do construction or go to court. If you already have access, make sure that your entrances are not blocked by untrimmed trees, potholes, or a stream. Easier access makes land much more appealing.

Add Utility Lines

Electricity is essential. A recent LANDTHINK Pulse survey found that 74% of respondents said that electricity is the top logistical concern when searching for land in a rural area. The ease of adding utilities can vary depending on where you are. It will likely be more simple in urban areas where you can just connect to lines on the street and pay a hook up fee. In more rural areas, it may take a little more money and work, but it will make a big difference when it’s time to sell. It may cost you a bit to add the utility lines, but they are in such high demand that not having them will significantly lower the value of the property.

Build Structures

Adding an appropriate structure to your land can help it sell faster. Whether it be a home, storage shed,  barn, or hunting lodge. Again, make sure it’s appropriate.

Add or Improve Gates

First impressions are important. Adding an attractive gate or entrance to the property can do wonders. Not only that, but a gate can also help protect your property.  It’s advisable to have the gate be slightly off of the main road so that you can pull in safely off of the main road in order to open it.

Get a Survey

It may cost a little bit of money, but it’s worth it and can increase the value of your land. You’ll get information like, the boundaries of the property, any restrictions attached to the property, the topography and soil types, and the location of any easements. It will allow you to easily establish and maintain the property line.


We’ve been in the business of helping people buy and sell land for a while. If any other questions or things you can do come up, we are always happy to help. If you’d like to see some of our land listings, check them out here.


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