5 Quick Tips When Selling Your Home.

  1. Clean scents, not covered up scents. -Make sure your house has been properly cleaned. If you have animals, make sure the floor has been scrubbed and the carpet has been professionally cleaned. Buyers want to smell fresh air when they see your home, not artificial scents from air fresheners or candles. Make sure to stay low key with any strong air fresheners of candles.
  2. Selling your home can be an emotional process. Make sure your personal feelings about the home don’t have you overpricing it.
  3. Disclose any and all known defects of the home.
  4. If the listing photos show your home staged, make sure your home looks like that when people come to see it.
  5. Zestimates are not always accurate. Your real estate agent should be well versed at looking at comps and helping you to get a good idea of where you home should be priced.

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