3 Ways to Create a Workspace for Your Home Business

When launching a home-based business, it may be tempting to save some time and money and
forgo a home office setup. But, as we at DeFoor Realty know, working from home without an
office space is near-impossible! You’ll never work at your optimal productivity level as long as
you’re surrounded by the daily distractions of home life. Dedicate some time towards setting up
a home office where you can really focus.

Buy a New Home
If your current home lacks the space for a home-based business, it may be time to buy a bigger
. Moving into a new home will give you and your family a chance to find a space that better
fits your growing needs. For most people, a house with a spare bedroom is enough. However,
some business owners may need to find a property with a basement, garage, or a separate
structure that they can turn into a workshop.

The best type of home for you will depend on the unique nature of your business. Before you
start looking at homes, think carefully about what you need. Remember the needs of your family
as well! For example, if your spouse also works from home, consider whether you can both
work out of the same room or if you’d rather be in separate spaces. Once you have some idea
of what you’re looking for, get in touch with a local real estate company like DeFoor Realty to
find homes for sale in your area.

Keep in mind that you might even be able to purchase a home or pay for renovations with
business funds. If you’re living in the space, LWS Tax and Accounting points out your
investment might just qualify.

This makes it even more critical, though, to protect your personal assets. When you register
your business in your state, you will need to choose a business structure. Most small business
owners choose to form an LLC to protect themselves from liabilities. To save money, skip the
lawyer fees and use an online formation service to form your Georgia LLC.

Make Renovations
If buying a new home just isn’t in the cards for you right now, consider making some renovations
to your current home instead. For example, Peak Improvements suggests that a basement
could be a good solution to your business workspace needs. You could even add a
bathroom and kitchenette! Of course, not every home has an available basement space to
transform into an office. In this case, a garage conversion could be an excellent alternative.

Before designing your garage office, you may need to do some renovation work to insulate the
walls, add ventilation, and increase the lighting. Installing flooring in your garage is one of the
quickest ways to improve the overall atmosphere of this dreary storage space. Keep in mind
that your home wifi may not make it through your garage walls, so you might have to get a wifi
range extender.

Get Creative
Looking for a quick home office solution? If you’re not interested in buying a new home or
renovating your garage, you’ll have to get creative. Fortunately, you can find a desk almost
anywhere! Even people in small homes have found space for an office. You could convert a
closet into a desk area, fit a workspace into your bedroom, or install a wall-mounted folding desk
in a quiet hallway. Designing a productive home office is all about maximizing your use of
space, so take advantage of efficient storage solutions like floating shelves to keep clutter off
your desk. Keep your design minimal and use light colors to make your small workspace feel big
and bright!
When it comes to launching your home-based business, designing a home office may not be at
the top of your priority list. But it should be! You’ll be able to focus so much easier in a dedicated

Thinking of upsizing? If you need help hunting for a home that will better fit the needs of your
family and business, contact DeFoor Realty today! Call 706-541-0637.